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First Friday La Jolla Art Walk - Silar Gallery, La Jolla, CA


Sharon Cathey Art Exhibition, A Love of Life Collection - Silar Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Sharon Cathey

In 1995 I relocated back to my home state, finding myself in the beautiful seaside village of La Jolla, California. My art is a harmonious blend of vibrancy and serenity, a dynamic interplay of color and form. The colors I employ are a vibrant testament to my artistic vision, communicating a gentle yet evocative sense of calm upon those who encounter my work.

My paintings are a collection of mixed media. Through the use of acrylic paint, oil crayons, china markers, graphite, and even the unconventional textures of concrete, I weave a tapestry of emotions and sensations. This diverse range of materials allows me to explore a visual language that transcends the boundaries of the canvas. In my work, I aim to capture the intangible, to distill emotions onto the canvas, and to share the gift of a spiritual connection with those who engage with my art. Each brushstroke and mark on the canvas tells a story, inviting you to explore the intersection of color, emotion, and spirituality. 


My art is a reflection of the ever-evolving narrative of life. While it constantly changes and transforms, a thread of continuity is woven throughout, anchored by my unwavering devotion to the power of color. It is through this powerful medium that I offer a glimpse into the depths of my emotions, sharing a piece of my inner world with the viewer. It is a testament to the ever-evolving journey of self-discovery and the enduring connection between the artist, the environment, and the heart.

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